Vai is mir! The prices are low at Bellingham’s Deals Only

Right across the street from Trader Joe’s is a a bare-bones discounter called “Deals Only” .. and lots of nachas to them for their amazing deals for the Yiddishkeit food lover who is a little short of gelt from Vancouver.

The savings on matzos and gefilte fish versus buying in Vancouver is amazing!! Gezunterhait to Deals Only. The gunuf shtik drek food sellers in Vancouver like IGA, Safeway and Save-on-foods have no problem at all shtupping you $5 – $6 for a box of matzos, or $10 for a jar of gefilte fish. May they plagen zich a thousand boils for gouging such terrible prices.

Hagen’s of Blaine for picking up stuff purchased in the US

Henry the Cross Border shopping guy at Hagen’s in downtown Blaine: “I just picked up a model airplane today! Boy am I a happy camper!”

Although I live in Vancouver, Canada, I have been buying via mail in the US for over twenty years, from books, DVDs, software, model airplanes, electronics, to lots of other stuff. In many cases, US sellers won’t ship outside of the US, or they charge very high shipping costs to ship outside of the US.